Cabure III

Cabure III Cabure III Cabure III
Platform:Cabure III
Max takeoff weight(kg):5.00
Max speed(km/h):105
Fly Range(km):15.00
Maker:Nostromo Defensa

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Cabure III from Argentina, produced by Nostromo Defensa


Cabure is a short-range tactical unmanned aerial vehicle (TUAV) system designed and manufactured by Nostromo Defensa of Argentina to perform reconnaissance, surveillance and target acquisition (RSTA) missions. Each system incorporates two or three UAVs, a ground control station (GCS), catapult launcher, spare batteries and a battery charger.

The vehicle captures real time colour or infra-red imagery and videos of the battleground and transfers to the GCS and remote viewing stations through a satellite communication data link system.

Flying at an altitude of 4,000m, the Cabure can also execute force protection and convoy security, battle damage assessment (BDA), critical infrastructure protection and law enforcement missions.

The TUAV features a robust and modular airframe made up of glass fibre, kevlar and carbon fibre. The vehicle is equipped with a stabilisation system to control the camera position. The aircraft can be fitted with a small parachute to land safely in urban areas.

Other equipment installed in the vehicle include three fixed CCD (daylight, low light and infra-red) cameras, batteries, connectors, advance avionics, GPS and 2.4GHz/900MHz telemetry data transmission system.

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