Drone Name:Aliaca Evo and Aliaca ER
Max takeoff weight(kg):16.00
Fly Range(km):100.00
Maker:Survey Copter

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GAMME ALIACA from France, produced by SURVEY COPTER (A subsidiary of the Airbus group)


Aliaca is perfectly adapted to perform ISR, protection or monitoring missions on land, coastal or maritime environments. With its maritime experience of more than ten years, the Aliaca has become a key asset to ensure world security and protection of our seas, with the ever changing maritime environment.

Aliaca is a robust vision tool that enhances the ISR capabilities of, supporting decision making and reactivity in operations. Aliaca can readily respond to missions in demanding environments through launching catapult deployment by only two operators, in under 15 minutes. The system is recovered by a proven, safe, smart and automatic net recovery system, integrated on the ship or on a trailer for land operations. The net recovery system has a small logistic footprint which makes it perfectly suited to be operated onto existing and future naval ships, regardless of size and availability of a helicopter pad. The Aliaca line offers two configurations: an electric configuration (Aliaca Evo) and a thermal configuration (Aliaca ER).

Electrically propelled, the Aliaca Evo can perform missions within a 50 km-range (27 NM) and with a three-hour endurance in total visual and acoustic discretion. The system is equipped with the latest EO/IR (Electro-Optical/Infra-Red) GX5 payload, a gyro-stabilised turret providing the operators with 360⁰ panoramic coverage and high quality imagery, and an Automatic Identification System (AIS) sensor. This enables the Aliaca to effectively carry out missions requiring data gathering on a fixed or mobile target, by day or by night.

The Aliaca ER (Extended Range) is a newer configuration offering double the range—100 km/54 NM—and endurance–six hours—thanks to a new thermal engine (compatible with JET A1, JP5, JP8). In addition to the EO/IR GX5 payload and AIS, the Aliaca ER also integrates a transponder (ADS-B Out) and geo-caging.

  • Increase missions efficiency for search & rescue
  • Enhance mission capabilities through detection,reconnaissance, identification and tracking of targets
  • Perform bespoke maritime traffic surveillance missionsOperating light tactical maritime UAS enhances naval capabilities to support decision making
    in operation.Aliaca maritime is a robust solution adapted to fulfil missions from naval ships or coastal command posts:
  • Innovative and sea proven for long range detection and identification
  • Real time day and night video
  • 360 degree panoramic coverage
  • Simple user interface
  • Fully automatic recovery system on board
  • Small logistic footprint
  • Easily integrated onto existing and future naval ships(with or without helicopter platforms)

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