Ghatak Ghatak

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Ghatak from India, designed by Aeronautical Development Agency, Aeronautical Development Establishment
and Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur


Ghatak (pronounced: gʰɑːt̪ək) (Literally Deadly in Hindi)[a] is an autonomous jet powered stealthyunmanned combat air vehicle (UCAV), being developed by Aeronautical Development Establishment(ADE) of the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) for the Indian Air Force. The design work on the UCAV is to be carried out by Aeronautical Development Agency (ADA). Autonomous Unmanned Research Aircraft (AURA) was a tentative name for the UCAV. Details of the project are classified.

The Ghatak UCAV will have internal weapons bay for carrying missiles, bombs and precision-guided munitions. Its design will be based on flying-wing concept, and will be powered by a turbofan engine.

The first flight of a scaled down testbed was carried out in July 2022, and that of a full scale prototype is expected in 2025.

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