Max speed(km/h):70

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INHIBITOR from France, produced by Tonner Drone


INHIBITOR is the combat drone dedicated to special forces.

It is a modular military drone composed of different types of units and a firing mechanism.

This mechanism is designed to allow special forces military units to fly a few meters in front of them and to be the “first man to walk through the door” in very dangerous combat situations. This saves lives, because the first soldiers to cross the door are usually injured or killed.

He can locate hostages and enemies without any visuals. It is a drone flying at low altitude, controlled by the special forces unit.
It is the soldier who is a few meters away who decides whether to shoot or not.

Shooting ability

While other companies have developed small surveillance drones for military personnel in the field, Tonner Drones has gone further and researched and developed the technology necessary for these smaller drones to fire deadly and non-fatal projectiles.

Patented stabilization device

One of the main challenges of firing a projectile from a smaller drone is that the recoil of the shooting destabilizes the drone, which causes it to deviate from its trajectory and crash.

More than 7 years have been successfully devoted to a patent application covering a critical technological component for its drone – the recoil ejection system.
Recoil Ejection System technology ensures the operation and stable flight of the drone when a projectile is fired from the modular component.

Simplified control

The operator can control the drone without extensive training and keeps the last word in the firing decision.

Intelligent or manual targeting

The combat drone allows the operator to aim at a target manually or with the help of artificial intelligence. The video stream coupled with AI will be able to detect and recognize one or more targets.


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