Integrator VTOL

Integrator VTOL Integrator VTOL Integrator VTOL
Drone Name:Integrator VTOL
Payload cap(kg):18.00
Max takeoff weight(kg):74.80
Max speed(km/h):166.68

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Integrator VTOL from USA, produced by Insitu


Expand your mission with VTOL capability unlike other systems. Integrator with FLARES Vertical Take-off and Landing brings the smallest possible operational footprint along with best-in-class, modular payloads while preserving maximum endurance for long-range ISR and targeting.

A unique approach to VTOL—without the usual sacrifices

FLARES is an electric, battery-powered vertical launch and recovery system for fixed-wing Integrator.

ƒ No aircraft modifications required ƒ No stationary launch and recovery

equipment required
ƒ No booms, no drag—no compromise

Integrator’s full range, endurance and payload capability preserved

Retains greater than 16 hours of endurance carrying 40 lbs of Insitu best-in-class, modular payloads.

Increased portability & self-sufficiency

Integrator VTOL system enables rapid repositioning and operation in tight spaces on land or ship.

ƒ Unpack and launch on a mission with three operators in less than sixty minutes

Optimized for shipboard operation

With its excess power capacity, Integrator VTOL operates in challenging conditions such as high seas and gusty winds.

  • ƒ  Launches/recovers from small vessel helicopter decks
  • ƒ  Small stowage footprint
  • ƒ  Leverages lower center of gravity and wide base to handle high pitch and roll (sea states)—giving it an advantage over tailsitters
  • ƒ  FLARES reliably completes mission— even with a rotor outCommon Ground Control Station
  • ƒ  Small, modular, and expandable to minimize your footprint for expeditionary missions
  • ƒ  Multiple configurations for ultimate flexibility

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