Kite™ Kite™ Kite™ Kite™
Payload cap(kg):3.00
Max speed(km/h):122

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Kite™ from Australia, produced by Swoop Aero


Kite™ truly is a marvel of aerospace engineering. Modelled after the mighty Hercules military transport aircraft, Kite™ is the most adaptable drone in the market, with the ability to perform a huge range of services and carry many different payloads.

Featuring a modular system, Kite™ also maintains FAA certification standards without forgoing the ability to easily conduct in-field maintenance. If you don’t mind us saying so, she’s mighty easy on the eye too.

A platform built from experience
Building on the lessons of over 22,000+ flights, Kite™ provides world-leading range & payload combinations and advanced detect & avoid technology. Kite™’s superior safety profile is built with true fail-safe measures across every system to keep the skies safe.



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