Mirach 40

Mirach 40 Mirach 40
Payload cap(kg):20.00
Max takeoff weight(kg):70.00
Max speed(km/h):720

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Mirach 40 from Italy, produced by Leonardo


Mirach 40 is a multi-role multi-threat Aerial Target Drone designed and manufactured by Leonardo to qualify a wide variety of Weapon Systems.

Mirach 40 is designed for flexibility, unrivalled reliability and cost-effectiveness being reusable if not shot down.

Realistic aerial threat simulation is critical for the qualification of Weapon Systems and training.

Mirach 40 provides high-performances with reduced operative costs. The System is designed to combine operational flexibility − rapid adaptation to mission planning changes −, with high mission reliability, leveraging on the Mirach family heritage and expertise.

A number of dedicated mission payloads, can be installed on Mirach 40 based on mission scenario requirements.
The System can perform sea skimming, formation flights, 3D maneuvers and simulates a wide set of aerial threats.

Mirach 40 is launched using a dedicated pneumatic catapult. This solution provides benefits in terms of reliability, as an overall lower system complexity and benefits in terms of safety, environmental quality and logistics as no pyro boosters are necessary.

The System is controlled by Mirach Ground Control Station. At a tactical level the System allows mission planning and re-tasking, also offering rehearsal and playback options to assist operator’s training.

System features a full preflight test procedure, which increases mission reliability, reduces operator involvement and improves safety.

Customers can benefit from the Mirach System functionality, but also from a range of Services specifically tailored to Customer’s needs.
Available Services span in fact from equipment maintenance up to Turnkey Mirach System Mission Management through dedicated Leonardo personnel. Our Turnkey Services are designed and implemented in order to guarantee the maximum mission effectiveness and allow Customers to focus on Weapon System set-up.

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