SkyRanger® R70

SkyRanger® R70 SkyRanger® R70 SkyRanger® R70
Max takeoff weight(kg):2.00
Max speed(km/h):65
Fly Range(km):10.00

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SkyRanger® R70 from America, produced by Teledyne Flir


Developed for the most demanding UAS operations, the SkyRanger R70 establishes a new benchmark for small UAS performance and reliability. With its expanded carrying capacity, open architecture, and advanced autonomy and artificial intelligence, the R70 is redefining what’s possible with a small VTOL UAS.

  • RESILIENT AND OPERATOR-PROVENR70’s carbon fiber and magnesium airframe is tested to IP-54/MIL-810G. Operating up to 15,000’ MSL and withstanding winds of 65 kph sustained, 90 kph gusting (40mph, 56 mph) and 40 kph Max wind speed at takeoff (25mph).
  • AN OPEN ARCHITECTUREThe R70’s open architecture, including the Payload Development Kit (PDK) supporting payloads up to 3.5kg, allows end users and integrators to expand the capability set of their aircraft.
  • AUTONOMOUS AND INTELLIGENTAdvanced edge-of-network processing, enabling object detection and classification, semi-autonomous flight, and the ability to thrive in GPS- or comms-denied environments.

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