BirdEye 650

BirdEye 650 BirdEye 650

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BirdEye 650 from Israel, produced by Israel Aerospace Industries


At a tactical level, army, police, internal security, HLS and border protection personnel need intelligence and real-time information.

Based on the extensive operational experience and knowledge accumulated through the BirdEye 400, the BirdEye 650 UAS is an advanced solution that allows low echelon forces to obtain real-time intelligence, independent of higher echelon sources.

Man-portable, with fast field deployment by a team of two, the system comes in two backpacks consisting of:

  • 3 UAV platforms
  • Electro-optical (EO) & Infra-red (IR) payloads, stabilized for day and night missions
  • Advanced Portable Ground Control System (PGCS)
  • Data link
  • Power source and repair kit

The BirdEye 650 UAS has an endurance of up to 4 hours, and its range is up to 20 km. An underbelly real-time video camera enables maximal, obstacle-free coverage of high-resolution day or night imagery, while a unique patented turn-over landing maneuver secures the payload during landing.

Mini-launcher take-off makes launching the BirdEye 650 easy and reliable, and the flight itself, including take-off and landing, is fully automated. Electrical propulsion ensures minimal noise signature and audio detection probability, and the whole system has a low lifecycle cost.

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