Black Recon™

Black Recon™

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Black Recon™ from America, produced by Teledyne Flir


Advanced UAV Vehicle Reconnaissance System

Fully integrated into a vehicle or ground-based system, the Black Recon provides warfighters with a groundbreaking force multiplier equipped to take on near-peer adversaries. The system is designed to provide continuous untethered reconnaissance with the speed to work ahead of advancing vehicles and provide situational awareness, even beyond line of sight.

  • VEHICLE ORGANIC AND RELIABLE RSTA ASSETCapable of continuous, uninterrupted Reconnaissance, Surveillance and Target Acquisition (RSTA). Unimpaired by strong breeze, moderate rain, lack of daylight, GPS jamming or strict emissions control (EMCON), the Black Recon is indispensable on the modern battlefield.
  • INCREASED FLIGHT PERFORMANCE AND OPERATIONAL RADIUSEnhanced datalink range extends operational radius beyond the engagement envelope of modern combat vehicles and common anti-tank weapons. Black Recon has the airspeed to go beyond the threat radius in a timely manner. Accelerate operational tempo, while increasing safety and lethality.
  • AUTONOMY THAT MATTERSReduce operator workload with automatic path generation and the introduction of onboard automatic detection without the need for constant eyes-on-video. Reduce reliance on the operator with autonomous flight and automatic collision avoidance.

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