Long Runner

Long Runner Long Runner

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Long Runner from Israel, produced by Israel Aerospace Industries


The Heron family has recently added a breakthrough technological and operational capability that supports remote missions, as well as landing and takeoff from remote sites with minimal infrastructure – all via satellite communication. With the new capability, Heron can automatically land on remote runways located thousands of kilometers from the base of operation, where it is serviced by a small team that has basic fueling infrastructure, before it takes off for an additional mission.

Long Runner is also capable of being integrated on board Heron and Heron TP air frames. As an example, the Heron could be launched from Israel and land in Italy; refueled and/or reconfigured; and launched remotely (from Israel) in order to undertake another flight serial. The concept has also been designed to allow increased levels in payload flexibility for air frames which can be re-rolled for alternative mission types.

Based on satellite communication and precise automated takeoff and landing (ATOL), this innovative capability offers utmost operational flexibility by eliminating the need for a ground control station and flight crew to be allocated at the aircraft’s forward base. The SATCOM control also leads to substantial savings in flying staff resources, reduced flight time and fuel usage, increased operational availability in the mission area and flexibility in routine and emergency landing. Already operational with the new capability, the Long Runner operational concept with its innovative capabilities enables the Heron UAS to be used in even more complicated and challenging missions worldwide.

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