Drone Name:CAPA-X
Payload cap(kg):10.00
Max speed(km/h):150
Maker:Survey Copter

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CAPA-X from France, produced by SURVEY COPTER
Global threats are intensifying and diversifying.
To respond accurately, the world’s governmental authorities and parapublics need agile, modular solutions that can handle a wide range of missions. Using Capa-X, allows to:

  • Enhance mission capabilities through detection,reconnaissance, identification, designationand tracking of targets
  • Perform bespoke intelligence, surveillanceand damage assessment missions
  • Increase missions efficiency for search & rescue
  • Carry out light cargoProviding a broad spectrum of modularity to complete a wide range of missions while offering solid guarantees in terms of regulations, airworthiness and safety.Capa-X is a concept of UAS, a modular solution adapted to fulfil all types of missions, on every theatre of operations and in every conditions. A high level of adaptability made possible by:
  • A flexible airworthiness: when safety meets therequirements of civil and military regulation authoritiesand allows to operate in all fields of action.
  • A modular configuration: a scalable architecture thatallows the UAS to be powered in VTOL or HTOL, withshort or long wings, to perform a wide range of missions
  • A versatile multi-missions payload bay: tailored tocarry different sensors, the Capa-X payload bay enables interoperable missions with bi-payload or tri-payload configurations.

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