DT-18 DT-18 DT-18
Drone Name:DT-18
Fly Range(km):100.00

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DT-18 from France, produced by Delair


The Delair DT18 collection perfectly complements the world-class UX11 technology.  A truly professional, fixed-wing, long-range, monitoring and inspection drone, it offers technology and operational scope few competitive mapping drones can match. The range is is the perfect solution, with an impressive 2 hour flight time, for highly precise and safe mapping in industries from geospatial, surveying, mining, construction, oil & gas, agriculture and transportation to name a few.

Delair DT18 AG

The Delair DT18-AG has been designed with agricultural applications in mind and is the perfect solution for agriculture, environmental and vigneron drone mapping applications. What makes this drone special is that comes custom integrated with the Micasense Rededge multispectral sensor, providing farmers, agronomists and environmentalists with information on crop health, vigour, biomass and water content, just to name a few.

Delair DT18-HD PPK

The flagship Delair DT18-HD PPK is, quite simply, one of the world’s best fixed-wing mapping drones. It has Direct Georeferencing (DG) embedded on board allowing large area mapping without the need for any survey Ground Control Points (GCP)! This is remarkable technology.

Delair DT18-HD 3G

The Delair DT18-HD with 3G is also in a class of its own as a fixed-wing mapping drone. Among its many technological talents, it enjoys Beyond Visual Line Of Sight (BVLOS) certification due to its integration with the Delair Mama Bear – a fully automated, high-gain tracking antenna. Additionally, its sensor options have proprietary 3G service with full command and control.

Delair DT-18 HD

The Delair DT18-HD also enjoys its status as a world-class, fixed-wing mapping drone. Enjoying similar features to the flagship DT18-HD with 3G, it has BVLOS certification – an absolutely essential technology for large area mapping. Linking to the DT18-HD technology is The Baby Bearautonomous telemetry tracking antenna. A remarkable piece of mapping technology, it gives the pilot complete confidence in tracking the DT18-HD drone during a BVLOS operation.

As with the UX11, our goal is to keep these remarkable birds in the air and driving solutions that work. To ensure this happens we stock all the accessories and required parts from batteries and chargers to spare propellers.

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