DT26 Line

DT26 Line DT26 Line DT26 Line DT26 Line DT26 Line
Drone Name:DT26
Max takeoff weight(kg):18.50

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DT26 Line from France, produced by Delair


The DT26 Line  is divided into four models:DT26E LiDAR,DT26E Surveillance,DT26E Tactical and DT26 Open Payload.

The Delair DT26X LiDAR democratizes airborne LiDAR by enabling the technology to be used in a much wider range of projects. The solution hugely reduces costs and safety risks which makes the DT26X LiDAR a scalable alternative to manned aircraft for corridor and large-area mapping.

DT26E Surveillance : Long-Range UAV and to secure sensitive areas over large distances.

DT26E Tactical: The Image Quality of tactical UAV packaged  in a stealth and rugged mini-drone.

DT26 Open Payload make the most of a high endurance fixed-wing UAV system to integrate your own payload and get an affordable solution to boost your project.Reduce time-to-market and R&D efforts with an easy-to-use, field proven airborne test bed and embark your own payload.

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