Integrator ER

Integrator ER Integrator ER Integrator ER
Drone Name:Integrator ER
Payload cap(kg):7.30
Max takeoff weight(kg):74.80
Max speed(km/h):166.68

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Integrator ER from USA, produced by Insitu


Integrator ER uses satellite-enabled communications (SATCOM) to extend flight range beyond line of sight (BLOS), expanding target sets, reducing the logistical footprint and enhancing personnel safety.

Theater-relevant ranges

Achieves a range up to 9 times greater than standard tactical line-of-sight UAVs with an innovative BLOS Satellite Communications (SATCOM) mission kit. Ranges up to 500 nautical miles. Stays up to 19.5 hours of time on station.

Expanded target set

The field-swappable ER SATCOM mission kit maximizes the full potential of Integrator’s endurance capability while expanding end user access to previously unreachable targets from geographically dispersed bases.

Multi-mission flexibility

Integrator’s suite of modular mission payloads can now extend over the horizon to deliver persistent, high-resolution imagery, SIGINT, and electronic warfare capabilities for broad operational and strategic effects.

SATCOM advances

Utilizes the latest global constellations of high throughput satellites and advanced onboard planar array antenna technology to achieve bandwidth limits upward of 10 megabits per second with a NSA Type 1 encryption security option.

Fewer bases, reduced footprint

Can operate from a small forward operating base, no runway necessary, to support downrange base consolidation drawdown efforts with long-range options that guarantee oversight of legacy target areas not accessible by tactical UAS.

Enhanced personnel safety

Increased range expands operational opportunities by keeping personnel at safer distances from dangerous conditions and reducing the logistical footprint.

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