Köpari Köpari
Drone Name:Köpari
Payload cap(kg):7.00
Max speed(km/h):160

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Köpari from Brazil, produced by AeroFoundry


Köpari is a high-end Class I aircraft, designed as a rugged and resilient light-weight UAS for long-range missions.

Manufactured since 2016, Köpari is a state-of-the-art unmanned aerial solution designed following Mil specifications, and steady, stable flight, as required for tactical ISR operations or wide-area aerial surveying (photogrammetry, Lidar profiling, spectrometry).

Köpari 360 (Blue Hawk in Yanomami language) is an aircraft designed for rapid-deployment in rugged operational conditions, manufactured following strict Military standards with carbon fiber and aramide.

Köpari can be serviced and deployed by just a team of two operators .

Manufactured since 2016, Köpari addresses applications requiring higher maneuverability and flight response.

Be it in tropical rainforests, savannahs or deserts, you can rely on Aerofoundry’s Köpari to get the job done.


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