Magni-X Magni-X Magni-X
Payload cap(kg):0.45
Max speed(km/h):72.42
Fly Range(km):5.00

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Magni-X from Israel, produced by Elbit Systems


Part of the Legion-X robotic and autonomous combat solution, the Magni-X VTOL (vertical takeoff and landing) micro-UAS is a military fully autonomous multi-rotor platform, developed to provide the Israel
Defense Forces (IDF) with the most advanced close-range observation system. Though suited for a wide range of missions and applications, the Magni-X is specially designed for Short Range Reconnaissance (SRR) and for the urban arena, providing day and night intelligence imagery powered by advanced AI algorithms for tactical combat units.
The Magni-X military grade FCC (flight control computer), along with powerful HW processing capability and unique navigation solutions, makes it ideal for intelligence applications in hostile environments.
Magni-X is powered by the NEVO – advanced mission software that provides the operator with all the necessary flight data and real-time video images to enable effective execution of the mission. The NEVO
provides support from early stage of flight plan, speed and altitude, throughout mission stages, routes, take-off / landing sites (before and during the mission), and target coordinates.
The capability to autonomously execute the mission enables the operator to focus on monitoring the targets by controlling the payload on the NEVO.

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