Rotem Alpha

Rotem Alpha Rotem Alpha Rotem Alpha Rotem Alpha
Max takeoff weight(kg):25.00

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Rotem Alpha from Israel, produced by Israel Aerospace Industries


Rotem Alpha is a Vertical Take Off and Landing (VTOL) tactical Loitering Munition (LM).

Used by a variety of forces for a wide range of missions, the ROTEM Alpha is deployed for operations on land, coastlines, naval ships, and other scenarios. ROTEM Alpha VTOL LM is capable of tens of kilometers in range and has long mission endurance both in the air and parked in perch mode. ROTEM Alpha flies and hovers in a low-altitude profile to build battlefield situational awareness and executes the attack, despite adverse weather conditions.

Carried in a backpack, or deployed from a vehicle, the ROTEM Alpha is ready for take-off in less than two minutes. As a VTOL platform, it can be launched and landed between trees, structures, and other harsh terrain.

A single operator controls the ROTEM Alpha via a Ground Control System (GCS). The operator can command the ROTEM Alpha to perch on a building or hill until the enemy rears its head, then surprise ambush the enemy. ROTEM Alpha can hover over a certain area mid-air, scan for the target, and wait for operator’s command to attack. If no target is chosen or operator decides to abort, the ROTEM Alpha is recoverable.

Equipped with a top grade sensor suite, ROTEM Alpha autonomously detects and locates enemy hostile fire sources like artillery, rockets, and missiles launchers, then investigates and engages a direct attack using its electro-optical day and night seeker. Upon proximity, command, or impact on target, it will ignite a lethal shaped charge and shrapnel warhead able to penetrate armored targets.  This ROTEM ALPHA is a hunter-killer that leaves no room for the enemy to escape.

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