ScanEagle ScanEagle ScanEagle
Payload cap(kg):3.40
Max takeoff weight(kg):22.00
Max speed(km/h):148

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ScanEagle from USA, produced by Insitu


A small, long-endurance UAV by Insitu (a subsidiary of Boeing). Widely used for surveillance and reconnaissance missions.

As the industry-leading UAS that invented the agile ISR category, ScanEagle has redefined ISR services for Group 2, long-endurance UAS. ScanEagle provides superior operational capability and reliability, with advanced payload options and rapid payload integration.

ISR persistence and quality

ScanEagle provides persistent daytime
and nighttime intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) in some of the most extreme environments in the world. Digital full motion video (FMV) provides the highest available ground resolution.


Our propulsion system powered by heavy fuel increases endurance without compromising payload weight.

Communication security

ScanEagle’s air-to-ground systems deliver stable communications up to 55 nm from a ground control station. Encrypted digital video and command and control data links offer increased ISR security.

Robust navigation

Open-architecture ground control station and advanced avionics increase operational capability, safety, and reliability.

Payload flexibility

Field-swappable payloads can be rapidly reconfigured to support a wide range of missions—electronic warfare, ISR, comms relay, overwatch and targeting.


ScanEagle maximizes commonality with Insitu systems, reducing life-cycle and training costs. Our nearly two decades
of training and supporting ScanEagle customers ensures efficiency and success.

Proven experience

ScanEagle is the most tried and tested platform in the Insitu family. It has been deployed worldwide since 2004 with international defense, government and commercial customers with the most demanding mission requirements, and has proven its reliability as a go-to solution.

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