Silverbee IUAS

Silverbee IUAS
Max takeoff weight(kg):3.50
Maker:Kadet Defence Systems

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Silverbee IUASfrom India, produced by Kadet Defence Systems


Product Features

Commercial UAV designed to be aerodynamically optimized to provide maximum flight stability which is capable of mine survey and monitoring, inspection and mapping etc.

  • Material – Composite
  • Propulsion – Electric Motor Propulsion
  • Tracking & Telemetry – Integrated GPS, Autonomous Waypoint Navigation and Digital Telemetry Systems
  • Made In India – Indigenously Designed & Developed in India

Product Specifications

  • Wingspan: 1.7m
  • Weight: 3.5kg
  • Max Operating Altitude: 500m
  • Launch: Auto Launch
  • Land: Parachute
  • Payload: Camera (Day & Night Operations)

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