ScanEagle3 ScanEagle3 ScanEagle3 ScanEagle3
Drone Name:ScanEagle3
Payload cap(kg):8.60
Max takeoff weight(kg):36.30
Max speed(km/h):148.16

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ScanEagle3 from USA, produced by Insitu


ScanEagle3 was designed collaboratively with our customers to deliver capability that bridges the gap between our ScanEagle and Integrator systems for enhanced mission success.

Multi-INT capability

ScanEagle3 doubles the payload capacity of our ScanEagle and can carry multiple payloads simultaneously.

Expedited acquisition

In its baseline configuration ScanEagle3 is free of International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR).

Long endurance

With a new propulsion system and slotted flaps, the aircraft accommodates more payload weight without compromising endurance. ScanEagle3 can also be powered by our electric hybrid engine for missions that require increased available power and a low acoustic signature.

Easy upgrade

Compatibility with existing ScanEagle payloads provides an easy upgrade path of capabilities.

Rapid payload integration

Adjustable wings move to alter the aircraft’s center of gravity for rapid payload integration in the field.

Built to emerging FAA standards

Compliance enables future commercial and civil operations.

Proven experience

Our systems are backed by more than
1.3 million operational hours and deployed worldwide for defense, government and commercial customers with the most demanding mission requirements.

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