Scout VTOL

Scout VTOL
Payload cap(kg):2.00
Max takeoff weight(kg):13.00

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Scout VTOL from Pakistan, produced by Global Industrial & Defence Solutions


Scout VTOL is a vertical takeoff & landing Mini UAV System having the hovering capability and requiring crew of 2 x personnel for Ops, offering Real-time Day and Night ISR capabilities. It is a Quad-Copter configuration with four brushless electric motors. The high number of motors gives the UAV requisite thrust to carry a payload of up to 2 kg. Scout-VTOL Mini UAV’s light weight and small size make it ideal for quick deployment and portability, giving users an extra edge.


  • Day/Ni Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance Mission
  • Payload Dispensing / Delivery up to 2 kg
  • Complete Autonomous Operation with pilot override option
  • Modular, man portable
  • Handheld GCS consoles for AV & payload operator
  • Fast redeployment / turn over


Main Specifications
Airframe Quadrotor configuration, carbon fiber structure with detachable arms, man portable (single person), tool less assy
Range Endurance 5~7 km
>65 mins with Day / Ni ISR camera
> 40 mins with 2 kg additional payload
Service Ceiling Up to 3200 m AMSL
Wind Resistance < 14m/s
Take-off Weight 11 kg (65 mins for ISR)
13 kg (40 mins for payload dispensing)
Dimensions 1280x1280x500 mm
Payload Day: 30x Optical Zoom with 1km LRF, 1080p25
FHD Video
Ni: 640×480, 25 Hz, 13mm+52mm, 2x, 4x
Digital zoom
Telemetry Flt Modes, Voltage indicator, Signal strength, Flt Altitude / Attitude / Distance & Speed
Maps Offline, scanned & Google Maps
Failsafe Auto Return to Base / land in case of low battery & link failure

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