Drone Name:Sniper
Payload cap(kg):2.00
Max takeoff weight(kg):15.00
Max speed(km/h):70
Maker:Alpha Unmanned Systems
Photo Credit:Alpha Unmanned Systems/Internet/Official Web Site

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Sniper from Spain, produced by Alpha Unmanned Systems


Unmanned Systems Tactical performance on mini size SNIPER combines three important aspects of any helicopter Ruggedized laptop with VISIONAIR • Vertical takeoff and landing; hovering • Long endurance due to its gas powered engine • Heavy payload capacity enabling the use of high quality EO/IR Cameras and other sensors Compared to full sized helicopters SNIPER significantly reduces life-cycle costs and provides operational advantages, while being able to perform the same type of missions. A variety of payloads are available to ensure mission success: day, low light, night vision or IR. ALPHA Unmanned Systems can also integrate most customer-supplied payloads. Reducing the need for personnel training, SNIPER can complete its entire mission fully autonomously, from take off The complete system consists of: – Fully redundant flight control system – > 25Km range video transmitter (frequency optionally encrypted) • Ground control station: – Video receiver – Automatically steered directional antenna – Grid independent power supply • Ruggedized laptop: – Gamepad for payload control Typically the system requires 2 crew members, however it can be safely deployed and operated by Unmanned Systems ALPHA Unmanned Systems; C/ Cuesta del Cerro, 68 (28109) Alcobendas, Madrid; Spain

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