SpyX SpyX SpyX
Max speed(km/h):250

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SpyX from Israel, produced by Bluebird Aero Systems


SpyX is a revolutionary, innovative, disposable electric Loitering Munition, designed for loitering & attack missions.

SpyX enables tactical teams to organically detect, confirm and hit targets with the ability to carry a variety of warheads up to 2.5 kg such as Anti-Personnel and light vehicles (A/P) and Anti-Tanks (A/T).

The complete system is easily transportable and deployed by a crew of two soldiers, enabling them to conduct an automatic launch, navigate along pre-planned waypoints, arm and disarm the system, manually select the target, command guided attack, abort or wave-off during an attack and renew mission.

SpyX can loiter up to 1.5 hours with a communication range of up to 50 Km and perform precision strikes, utilizing its dual-sensor day / thermal sensor to lock on the target or on predefined coordinates.

Upon an attack command, the UAV will perform an automatic approach to the target and initiate an attack maneuver, increasing speed to over 250 km/h (70m/s).

If required, the operator can adjust the target’s estimated hit point by moving the crosshair mark, or abort the attack and continue the mission.

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