Platform:TURNA Target Drone Systems
Maker:Turkish Aerospace Industries

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TURNA from Turkey, produced by Turkish Aerospace Industries


Being an indigenous Design and Development program, TURNA Target Drone Systems program was initiated in 1995 to meet the increasing training needs of the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF).


Indigenously designed and produced TURNAs, which entered the inventory of TAF in 2001, are being actively used in training of air defense units’ trainings.


TURNA Target Drone System can be used as a training platform for conservation and improvement of defense capabilities against air threats. The highly cost-effective system, which has an open architecture design that can be shaped in accordance with the needs of the customer, has proven its affectivity during real firing missions at operational areas with its distinctive simulation of air threats and missiles capability, high maneuverability, high speed, ease of operation, low mission risk and modularity. TURNA is used for tracking and firing exercises of radar, optically, thermally or manually controlled barreled anti-aircraft guns and guided missiles.
In inventory of Turkish Air Forces and Turkish Land Forces.


Indigenous TUSAS design and production


  • 90 minutes endurance
  • Max. Speed 93 m/sec (180kts)
  • 12.000 ft (MSL)
  • 70 kg MTOW
  • 50 km data link
  • Take-off with launcher, recovery by parachute on land or sea
  • Ability to take-off and control from Navy vessels
  • Structure manufactured with advanced composite technology
  • Compatible with MIL-STD-810F and MIL-STD-461 military standards
  • Coded by NSN standards
  • Fully autonomous flight and navigation with Ground Control Station including take-off and landing
  • Preprogrammed flight ability to assign up to 255 waypoints and change during / before flight
  • Return Home & Fail Safe Modes for automatic recovery to a predefined return home point
  • Mission planning and control with EMI/EMC filtered, air conditioned, portable/mobile/stationary Ground Control Station,
  • Record and playback of real-time coded digital flight data telemetry
  • Ability to recognize and load digital maps


  • TOW; MDI, Sleeve and IR Heat Source.
  • On Drone; Passive RCS Augmenter (Luneberg Lens), IR Heat Source and Smoke.

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