ZALA 421-24

ZALA 421-24
Payload cap(kg):0.40
Max takeoff weight(kg):3.60
Max speed(km/h):30

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ZALA 421-24 from Russia, produced by Zala Aero Group


The new ZALA 421-24 quadcopter-type UAV has a compact folding design and can stay invisible in the air due to low acoustic and visual signature.

It is controlled by a handheld controller (RTC-Real time controller) and allows operation from a moving vehicle.

Key benefits

  • The system is stored in a single protected case
  • Autonomous operation
  • Quick start – no more than 120 sec.
  • Operation from a moving vehicle
  • Application in a wide range of weather conditions
  • Target tracking and holding
  • Anti-interference duplicated data channel
  • Capable of working with individual positioning devices (ZALA beacon)

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