Bayraktar Akinci

Bayraktar Akinci Bayraktar Akinci
Drone Name:Bayraktar Akinci
Payload cap(kg):1.50
Max takeoff weight(kg):6.00
Max speed(km/h):361

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Bayraktar Akinci from Turkey, produced by Baykar Tech


With its unique fuselage and wing design Bayraktar Akinci platform is a strategic class platform which can carry various payloads.

Bayraktar AKINCI is equipped with dual artificial intelligence avionics which supports for signal processing, sensor fusion and situational awareness in real time.

Bayraktar AKINCI is capable of conducting operations that are performed with fighter jets. It carries electronic support systems, dual satellite communication systems, air-to-air radar, collision avoidance radar and synthetic aperture radar.

Bayraktar AKINCI can be used in air-to-ground and air-to-air attack missions as well.

With its triple redundant electronics hardware and software systems Bayraktar AKINCI is capable of carrying the following payloads:

•    Mini Smart Munition MAM-L
•    Mini Smart Munition MAM – C
•    Cirit Missile
•    L-UMTAS Missile
•    Mini Smart Munition Bozok
•    MK-81, MK-82, MK-83 Guided Bombs (JDAM)
•    Wing Assisted Guided Bomb MK-82
•    Air-to-Air Missile Gokdogan and Bozdogan
•    Stand-Off Missile SOM-A

Bayraktar AKINCI will be equipped with multifunction AESA Radar system for air-to-air, synthetic, meteorology estimation.

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