Max takeoff weight(kg):190.00
Maker:China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC)

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CH-805 from China, produced by China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC)


CH-805 is a high-speed stealth target machine.

The CH-805 high-speed target aircraft adopts a flying wing layout and has excellent radar stealth performance. It can be used to simulate the flight characteristics of the fourth-generation fighter, assist in the key technical verification and tactical technical index assessment of new air-to-air weapons. It can also be used for live-fire drills of front-line troops. It can be equipped with corresponding equipment on the basis of high-speed target aircraft. , simulation training for cluster operations, etc. Therefore, the stealth flying wing target aircraft can meet the multiple needs of our army for air-to-air weapon testing and training in the future.

The CH-805 high-speed target wing has a wing spread of 4m, a maximum take-off weight of 190kg, a range of 40 minutes, and a stealth feature of less than 0.01m2. It has the advantages of outstanding stealth ability and autonomous safe flight.

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