Coyote Coyote
Max takeoff weight(kg):6.40
Max speed(km/h):157

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Coyote from USA, produced by Raytheon


Coyote can be flown individually or netted together in swarms, and it is adaptable for a variety of missions including surveillance, electronic warfare and strike. The system will operate up to one hour and is designed for interchangeable payloads.

Coyote can handle reasonably large accelerations during launch, a critical feature for all tube-launch applications. It’s ideal for improved surveillance imagery, enhanced targeting capability, near real-time damage assessment and reduced threat to manned aircraft.

Counter-UAS solution

The U.S. Army has selected the Coyote drone for a near-term counter-UAS solution. Equipped with an advanced seeker and warhead, the Coyote-enabled system can successfully identify and eliminate threat UAVs.

Intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance

In a series of 2016 demonstrations conducted on land and at sea, more than two dozen Coyote systems successfully launched in a swarm and moved in formation, demonstrating the effectiveness of autonomous networking. The swarming capability can be applicable in multiple missions, from ISR activity to strikes against moving targets in a battlefield environment.

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