Harpy Harpy
Payload cap(kg):32.00
Max takeoff weight(kg):135.00
Max speed(km/h):185
Fly Range(km):500.00
Maker:Israel Aerospace Industries

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Harpy from Israel, produced by Israel Aerospace Industries


HARPY is an all-weather day/night “Fire and Forget” autonomous weapon, launched from a ground vehicle behind the battle zone. Programmed before launch to perform autonomous flight to a pre-defined “Loitering Area”, in which they loiter and search for radiating targets. The HARPY loitering munition (LM) detects, attacks and destroys enemy radar emitters, hitting them with high hit accuracy. HARPY effectively suppresses hostile SAM and radar sites for long durations, loitering above enemy territory for hours.

The launching process is controlled from the GCS and the HARPY LM is stored, transported, deployed and launched from a canister mounted on a ground-based launcher normally mounted on trucks.

see more on:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IAI_Harpy

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