Irkut 3

Irkut 3
Platform:Irkut 3
Payload cap(kg):0.50
Max takeoff weight(kg):3.00
Max speed(km/h):90
Fly Range(km):15.00

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Irkut 3 from Russia, produced by Irkut


Russian drone developed by the Irkut Corporation. Typically used for reconnaissance.

The drone was first flown in 2009 and is a design developed by the Irkut company (Russian: ПАО Корпорация «Iркут»). Its main application is 24/7 monitoring of the area regardless of weather conditions. The equipment carried allows him to take photos and videos in the range of visible light and thermal imaging and send them in real time to the operator. Additionally, the device determines the coordinates of identified ground objects.

It takes about 15 minutes for the staff to prepare the machine for flight. The take-off takes place from the operator’s hand and the landing takes place using a parachute.

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