Mirach 100/5

Mirach 100/5 Mirach 100/5
Payload cap(kg):70.00
Max takeoff weight(kg):330.00
Max speed(km/h):900

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Mirach 100/5 from Italy, produced by Leonardo


The Mirach 100/5 is a high performance, reusable Aerial Target System which is the standard European Armed Forces threat simulator. It manages up to 8 targets simultaneously in a realistic training scenario and simulates multiple threats flying at high subsonic speeds. The system is controlled by a modern Ground Control Station, allowing mission planning and re-tasking, rehearsal and play back.

Reliable, realistic and state-of-the-art threat simulation is fundamental for the proper qualification of Weapon Systems and for training.

Reliable, realistic and state-of-the-art threat simulation is fundamental for the proper qualification of Weapon Systems and for training.

Mirach 100/5 simulates most of the present-day threats and their performances, such as very low altitude
sea skimming missions, tight formation flights and
3D maneuvers up to instantaneous 8G load factors, covering flight envelop between 3 m – 9,84 ft– and 12.500 m – 41.010,5 ft – above sea level.

A wide and flexible selection of payloads, installed inside the fuselage and under the wings, together with long endurance, effectively comply with requirements of the most complex missile systems engagement scenarios.

Top performing Mirach 100/5 system combines great operational flexibility -rapid adaptation to mission

planning changes- with a NATO certified reliability of more than 98%.

Mirach 100/5 is launched using two Jato Boosters, thus offering a full day/night, adverse weather capability, from fixed ground (e.g. ranges) and from mobile facilities (e.g. ships).

The system is controlled by a Ground Control Station, that allows mission planning and re-tasking mission rehearsal and play back for operators training.
A fully automatic pre–flight test checkup from possible failures increase overall mission reliability, optimizing personnel involvement and safety.

Certified by the Italian Joint Forces in 1998, since its debut on the market it has been in use by many Armed Forces.

Mirach 100/5 has a continuous upgrade process to maintain performances at highest levels.

Customers can benefit from the Mirach System functionality, but also from a range of Services specifically tailored to Customers’ needs.
Available Services span in fact from equipment maintenance up to Turnkey Mirach System Mission Management through dedicated Leonardo personnel. Our Turnkey Services are designed and implemented in order to guarantee the maximum mission

effectiveness and allow Customers to focus on Weapon System set-up

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