SkyStriker SkyStriker
Max speed(km/h):120
Fly Range(km):100.00

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SkyStriker from Israel, produced by Elbit Systems


SkyStriker is a fully autonomous loitering munitions (LM) that can locate, acquire and strike operator designated targets with a 5 or 10 Kg warhead installed inside the fuselage, enabling high-precision performance.

SkyStriker’s electric propulsion offers a low acoustic signature, allowing covert operations at low altitude. As a silent, invisible, and surprise attacker, SkyStriker delivers the utmost in precision and reliability, providing a critical advantage in the modern battlefield.

Elbit Systems’ SkyStriker is a cost-effective LM that is capable of long-range precise tactical strikes. SkyStriker provides maneuverable troops and Special Forces with direct-fire aerial-precision capabilities, enhancing situational awareness and survivability.

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