Max takeoff weight(kg):105.00

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UQAB NG from Pakistan, produced by Global Industrial & Defence Solutions


UQAB NG is catapult launched, net recovered fixed wing tactical UAV system, designed to conduct real time day & night reconnaissance and surveillance missions while offering long endurance, high service ceiling and optimized RCS Signatures. It is a low weight and compact system ideal for real-time surveillance missions up to 150 km with 8 + hrs of endurance. The performance and capabilities of Uqab-NG makes it superior to any other conventional surveillance UAV. Uqab-NG has been precisely designed for the clients requiring an ultimate solution for their operational needs without any runway.

Launch / Recovery Hydro-pneumatic launch / Hoisted Net System & Emergency Parachute
Dimensions Wing Span:6.20m, Length: 4m
Range 150 km LOS
Endurance > 8hrs
Service Ceiling Up to 18000 ft AMSL
MTOW 100 + 5kg
Flight Controller Dual core DSP Processor, STIM MEMS IMU
Navigation RTK based Tri Constellation DGNSS,
Magnetic Compass based Dead reckoning
Day: 27.7x Optical Zoom, 1080p25 FHD
Video Sensor Ni: 14x Optical Zoom cooled
Payload IR, 640×512, 25 Hz Sensor
LRF: 12 km, Stability < 25prads
Target tracking
Al based Multiple Target Recognition
Geo referencing & pointing
Failsafe Auto Return to Base / land in case of low battery & link failure


Salient Features
  • Modular design for mobility & rapid deployment
  • Inbuilt redundancies & failsafe provision
  • HD day & cooled IR sensors
  • Intelligent target classification & tracking with geo referencing
  • Dual band encrypted Data / Video links
  • Stanag compliant GCS with operator consoles / eqpt & Datalink hardware
  • Mission playback & data-log

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