WanderB-VTOL WanderB-VTOL WanderB-VTOL WanderB-VTOL WanderB-VTOL
Max takeoff weight(kg):14.00
Fly Range(km):50.00

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WanderB-VTOL from Israel, produced by Israel Aerospace Industries


IAI is partnered with BlueBird Aero Systems breakthrough VTOL-UAS technologies and solutions.

The WanderB-VTOL, a hybrid fixed wing UAV, offers high operational flexibility and combines the advantages of a fixed wing UAV with the benefits of a multi-copter:

  • Fixed wing advantages – Extended endurance, high speed operation in harsh environments, large area coverage and ability to glide to safe landing.
  • Multi-copter advantages – Ability to take off and land in small limited areas (such as on ships in mid-sea for maritime operations, small forest clearings, urban rooftops, etc.), soft and accurate landing, and possibility to hover over an area of interest.

The WanderB-VTOL is an innovative and versatile system for conducting covert, real-time, “over-the-hill” or extended range, day-and-night Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance (ISTAR) operations, providing rapid, GPS marked, High-Definition (HD) video, photogrammetric tactical mapping on demand (TMOD) and additional intelligence assets.

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