ZALA 421-16F2

ZALA 421-16F2
Payload cap(kg):1.50
Max takeoff weight(kg):7.50
Max speed(km/h):125

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ZALA 421-16F2 from Russia, produced by Zala Aero Group


Hand-launched tactical UAV with the best payloads with guaranteed 4+ hrs endurance.

Perfect choice for aerial reconnaissance, mission support, search and rescue.

Extended endurance, silent operation, ability to be launched from unprepared sites, wide model range of interchangeable payloads, intelligent software and efficient energy consumption make this system flexible and multifunctional. Airbag protects payload during landing.

Key benefits

  • Flight time 4+hr
  • Compact system
  • Quick launch with elastic catapult
  • Ability to launch with pneumatic catapult

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