Aerial Persistence

Aerial Persistence

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Aerial Persistence from Israel, produced by Israel Aerospace Industries


IAI’s HERON UAS is the most-advanced multi-mission, multi-sensor ISTAR solution for aerial persistence, enabling accurate tracking of hundreds of diverse targets simultaneously. The HERON UAS offers an optimal sensing spectrum – EO/IR, Radar, SIGINT and combined automated multi-INT processing in real time. The HERON is operational in all-weather, day or night.

  • High Quality EO/IR/LP Imagery
  • Covers wide area
  • Multi sensors capability (Radar, SIGINT, E/O-IR)
  • Unique Aerial Persistence Payloads
  • Long range communications (SATCOM)
  • Ability to transfer intelligence to remote users
  • On-board processing
  • Advanced Concept of operation
  • Cost-Manpower-Effectiveness
  • Ability to fly close to threatened area

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