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ROTEM from Israel, produced by Israel Aerospace Industries


The ROTEM Aerial Vehicle (AV) is a tactical, loitering munition based on a light multi-rotor platform that delivers excellent capabilities against low signature enemy systems in complex environments. This lightweight and compact AV can be assembled in seconds and operated by a single soldier. The AV is capable of lethal precision strikes on stationary and mobile targets with abort/safe capability and is recoverable.

ROTEM is an extremely versatile platform. It can perform squad-level ISR and attack missions with minimal planning and operational focus from the operator. The backpacked system is a tactical kit of two AVs with all peripherals to allow an operational unit to use it organically as a part of their standard gear. The exceptional capability to hover allows the VTOL platform to see targets and engage within seconds, which makes the ROTEM a game-changer for its operators.

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